The following list captures few such use cases:

  • Send reminder emails periodically to customers for completing onboarding process if they drop off.
  • Cancel the membership…

One of the core principle for Micro services is that they are expected to be decoupled from other domains as much as possible but in real world there are use cases where your service may have to aware of the multiple different domains.



The objective of this article is to use the Event Storming for understanding the domain and for coming up with domain model for Subway (A fast food restaurant franchise).

The intention of this exercise to cover basic use cases. Please feel free to provide suggestions for improvements.

Event Storming

[Wikipedia] Event storming


This article mainly focuses on back-end and doesn’t cover front-end, databases and deployment models.

Interview Question


Step 2 : Identify and list down the activities for each actors.

Atul Agarwal

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